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Quality Air Source Heat Pump

Our team of highly experienced engineers have over 30 years’ experience as heating engineers and over 15 years of experience fitting heat pumps.

Produced by one of the leading heat pump manufacturers, we supply and fit NIBE ground and air source heat pumps. These high performance, efficient and reliable pumps are the best on the market.

What are the benefits
of an Air Source Heat Pump?

How does it work?

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air. Very cold gas is pumped out, and absorbs a little of the heat from outside – even on cold days.

The gas is then compressed, which turns that small gain into much higher temperatures. The heat is then used to heat your radiators, hot water and underfloor heating system.

The heat pump extracts heat from the outside air in the same way that a fridge extracts heat from its inside. In the same way a refrigerator works by taking heat from inside the box and dumping it outside your house. A heat pump take heat from the air and puts it in to your house.

It can get heat from the air even when the temperature is as low as -15° C!

Happy customers

This was a challenging installation, given the size and weight of the heat pump unit with integrated tank and the need to connect it to existing pipework routing. The job took a day longer than expected as a result, but one of the company directors came out on the extra day to make sure the teething problems were sorted and to ensure that we had heat and water again (sacrificing his attendance at a social event as a result). The company obviously have a good support relationship with the manufacturer (Stiebel Eltron), who had a local technician available on the phone to work through issues in the commissioning, and there has been good technical support from Renewable Heat in the weeks since the installation, advising on heat curves and optimisation. During the planning/quoting stage, Renewable Heat were also very good at advising on what might be beneficial and what might be unnecessary, as a result of which we saved a lot of money on an additional hot water tank.

Grant Macaskill

Very amiable and professional guys and quality materials. However, the new boiler won’t kick in to support heat pump regardless of sudden boost demand to background temp as per the hybrid design. Glitches with the controls I’ve not been shown or not permitted to restore communication between boiler and heatpump using the RF controller or app for an £11k+ system, I’d rather be more in charge of my own house and equipment. I felt a bit harangued for final 40% invoice which was due immediately. I used the HES Loan system which installer knew as I showed them the agreement which had an end date of October and they agreed to proceed. I applied for drawdown as soon as I got equipment delivery invoice and paid them the same day in July. but because of difficulties with the supply chain for the External Wall Insulation from BCA in Shotts I couldn’t get my post EPC for both measures until end September but still within timeframe.


We are delighted with Renewable Heat’s installation of an ASHP in our 1940s bungalow. Chris did an excellent job (the pipe work is a work of art!) and was incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the system, so we are really grateful to him for his precise attention to detail. This was a retrofit replacing our old gas boiler and there were some hurdles to overcome (radiators in awkward places needing re-piped), but everything from the initial quote to the final sign-off was expertly handled and we would highly recommended the company to anyone looking for an ASHP.


The Renewable Heat team have been excellent from the very start of the process (getting a suitability assessment of our property done) – to having the work completed over the course of a couple of weeks in the summer. The engineer team were professional at all times and any of the numerous problems that our strange house threw at them they overcame without any fuss or bother. I highly recommend Renewable Heat to anyone looking to have an air source heat pump fitted.


The team at Renewable Heat were exceptional and their knowledge of the Ground Source Heat Pump was impressive. Any questions or queries I had they answered promptly and detailed. They were also extremely tidy which is an added bonus! I can not recommend this company enough.


Overall, extremely happy with the service and although I only gave a 4 star for ‘value for money’ this is not a reflection on the installing company – it is just a reflection of the cost in general for this sort of technology. Costs need to come down to a more affordable level in order for the masses to jump onboard with the notion of installing renewable energy.


Overall, extremely happy with the service and although I only gave a 4 star for ‘value for money’ this is not a reflection on the installing company – it is just a reflection of the cost in general for this sort of technology. Costs need to come down to a more affordable level in order for the masses to jump onboard with the notion of installing renewable energy.


Most impressed by the way in which Barry conducted his initial survey of our property and the advice he gave. We had other suppliers surveying too, but the thoroughness with which Barry and his people carried out their work impressed both myself and my wife. We believe we definitely made the right choice of installer.

John MacKenzie

Great, friendly, and professional team – almost didn’t want to cover the beautiful copper work up behind a cupboard. The system is running perfectly, just need winter to arrive to fully test it. Recommended.


The team were very helpful and worked very hard to help us get our project to the grant deadline. The customer support post installation has been exemplary. Highly recommended.

East Lothian

Who can use an air source heat pump

Air source heat pumps are cheaper than ground source ones and will work even if you have little or no
garden. If you ask us for an air source pump, we’ll consider your answers to the following questions.

You’ll need a place outside your home where a unit can be fitted to a wall or placed on the ground. It will need plenty of space around it to get a good flow of air. A sunny wall is ideal.
Since air source heat pumps work best when producing heat at a lower temperature than traditional boilers, it’s essential that your home is well insulated and draught-proofed for the heating system to be most efficient.
The system will pay for itself much more quickly if it’s replacing an electricity, oil or LPG heating system. Heat pumps may not be the best option for homes using mains gas.
Air source heat pumps can perform better with underfloor heating systems or warm air heating than with radiator-based systems because of the lower water temperatures required.

Combining the installation with other building work can reduce the cost of installing the system.

We would be more than happy to advise you on whether an air source pump is the right choice for your home as well as give you a detailed quote and price.

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