Renewable Heat

Our mission is to deliver clean, efficient heating systems that bring you warmth and comfort, saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.

We  launched Renewable Heat in 2014 having worked for a large UK heating company. We recognised that the end of gas heating was coming as we were importing more and more gas, so we knew we needed a new form of energy. Having worked in the heat pump market for twenty years now we have seen the market grow exponentially. We’ve seen the technology develop significantly from those early days and while years ago customers bought heat pumps to reduce their energy bills, particularly those on oil or LPG heating systems, we now have customers buying heat pumps for environmental reasons.

At Renewable Heat we have supplied, fitted, and maintained heat pumps in hundreds of homes across Scotland. While we fit heat pumps in newly built homes, we have extensive technical experience in replacing home heating systems with heat pumps. Replacing your home heating system requires knowledge, expertise, and experience. It takes meticulous planning to remove one system and replace it with another. 

We also specialise in designing your home heating system to ensure that it heats your whole house and runs as efficiently as possible. The reason this is important is that with the increase in the cost of electricity if you don’t have the right heat pump fitted, it won’t achieve the energy savings you’re looking to achieve or your return on investment. The risk of a poor installation is that you end up with a larger heat pump than you need, that is expensive to run because of the price of electricity as opposed to having a heating system designed for your home to work as effectively as possible. 

Our priority is to ensure your home is warm and comfortable, that you save money on your energy bills, and lower your carbon footprint. In addition, we also service and maintain your heat pumps once fitted. We are proud to be hired regularly by the manufacturers to care for their customers’ heat pumps. 

Investing in the future

The technological advancement in heat pumps over the past 20 years has been huge. To stay ahead of the curve we work closely with manufacturers and organisations including SNIPEF, the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumber Employers Association. We believe it’s vital that we play our role in supporting and developing the industry both from a technical and policy perspective. We actively take part in consultations regarding modern apprenticeships to inform them of the needs of the industry and what training is required. In addition, we also take on new apprentices year on year, to join our team.

Our director, Barry Sharp chairs the low-carbon forum and is actively involved in supporting local companies to achieve their MCS accreditation.

As a business we also invest in apprenticeships and to date have employed 8 apprentices. One of the significant challenges in our industry is the lack of skilled engineers which then means we cannot meet the net zero targets or fulfil customer demand. Therefore, year on year we employ apprentices and actively get involved with and support local apprenticeship programs. The green energy industry offers young people a fantastic career and future which we’re delighted to support. 

Barry Sharp


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