Case studies

Easter Blinkbonny House, Haddington.

The owner of a detached 4-bedroom bungalow in Haddington asked us to replace their current heating system with a ground source heat pump.

We faced a few challenges during this project as the family were still living at home while the work was being done and Christmas was fast approaching. We kept the disruption to a minimum despite having to make boreholes in the garden to fit the pipes.

In this instance the family decided against taking out a loan, but we did arrange RHI repayments with them which will give them a payment of £32,300 over the next seven years.

Easter Blinkbonny House, Haddington.

The Result?

They made a saving of approx. £3k per year on their fuel bills. They will receive RHI payments of £32,300 over the next 7 years. Taking into account the cost of supplying and fitting their heat pump, they will make a saving over the 7 years of £21k.

And we finished the fitting of the full heating system within 10 days, just in time for the family to get ready for Christmas. Not to mention the handy Nest thermostat installation, so the heating can now be controlled by mobile phone.

About the author

Barry Sharp
I founded Renewable Heat in January 2015 with my business partner Richard Hailstones. I have worked in the Plumbing and Heating Engineer sector for more than 15 years. I later went on to specialise in the renewable energy market as it emerged and grew.

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