Annual savings

Old heating Oil-powered boiler Electric heating
New heating
Air Source Heat Pump

(SPF 2.45)


1,400 KgCO2



Ground Source Heat Pump

(SPF 2.82)


1900 KgCO2



If you combine the Renewable Heat Incentive from the UK Government with a Home Scotland Loan, you could get your system without paying a penny extra. The loan covers the initial cost, and then the RHI and your reduced bills can offset the repayments, so the whole thing pays for itself in 7 years.

About the author

Barry Sharp

I founded Renewable Heat in January 2015 with my business partner Richard Hailstones. I have worked in the Plumbing and Heating Engineer sector for more than 15 years. I later went on to specialise in the renewable energy market as it emerged and grew.

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